Unique Data Fields & Buttons


Other Income

Record other income in the boxes provided at the bottom of the window. The type code of the income should be indicated in the Box field with the corresponding Amounts directly beside. Press F2 or double click the box field to display a list of available codes. See your Tax Guide for a list and description of appropriate type codes.


SIN Validation (Most forms)

eForms will check the validity of the SIN entered and will display the contents of the SIN box in red if the SIN is invalid. You can, however, ignore the warning and continue to enter other information. The formula used to test the value of the SIN is found in the CRA Publication: Formulae for Federal and Provincial Deductions for Computer Users.


When the detailed adjustment report is printed or displayed, there will be an asterisk beside any invalid SIN values.


Status of Slip (Most Forms)

Select "O" ("R" on MRQ information slips) for original, "A" for amended or "C" ("D" on MRQ information slips) for canceled. This will also permit the slip to be included or excluded appropriately when the "Original slips only," “Amended slips only” or “Canceled slips only” options are chosen when creating reports.


Optional Text to Print on the Slip

Information entered here, to a maximum of 15 characters, will be printed at the top of the slip. This is for internal information you may wish to record on the slip and is not required by either CRA or MRQ.


Go To Summary Button

Click on this button to display the summary for the current employer. The data entry screen for the current slip will remain available via a tab beneath the toolbar.