The Toolbar appears directly below the main menu and enables quick, single click access to frequently used functions. Any item that is greyed out is not currently available.


Current Company - Company Name - Displays the current company name; use the drop down arrow to select from the list of companies

Icon - select company - Select a different company - Opens the list of companies; highlight the desired company and click Select

Icon - new company - Add a new company - Opens the Add new company dialog window

Icon - edit company information - Edit company information - Opens the Edit company information dialog window

Icon - print current form - Print current form - Opens the Print dialog window for the currently open form

Icon - revert - Revert - Restores data entry fields to their original values

Icon - add slip - New - Adds a new slip of the type currently in focus

Icon - delete slip - Delete - Deletes the current slip. You will be asked to confirm the deletion

Icon - move first - Go to first form - Jumps to the first slip for the company in the current sort order

Icon - move previous - Go to previous form - Jumps to the previous slip for the company in the current sort order

Icon - move next - Go to next form - Jumps to the next slip for the company in the current sort order

Icon - move last - Go to last form - Jumps to the last slip for the company in the current sort order

icon - find slip - Find specific slip - Opens the list of recipients to locate a specific slip


Icon - Sort Order - Sort Order - Displays the current slip sort order; use the drop down box to select whether slips will be sorted by Data Entry Sequence, Employee Name or Social Insurance Number (available sort options will vary by return type)

Icon - slip number - Slip number - Displays the number of the current slip and total number of slips


Items that are greyed out may not be available for any of the following reasons:


The function is not supported by the installed eForms version
The function is not required by the current form
A database has not been opened
No data has been entered