Special Icons


A variety of special icons are used throughout eForms to indicate additional features, information or options. These are listed below:


Menu-Edit-Valid - A small triangle in the lower right of a data entry field indicates a selection list of valid data for that field; double-click or press the F2 key to display the list of valid entries


Icon-Video - Indicates that a training video is available for the indicated feature


Override - A small triangle in the lower left of a calculated data field indicates that you can Override the Calculated Field; when you press F4 the field will change colour, indicating that you can edit the calculated value


Question - Indicates that further information is available for a data entry field


Asterisks - Indicates that the Adjustment Report has adjusted the original data


Ellipsis - Indicates that the full text of a truncated label is visible on mouse-over


Icon - Browse - Indicates that you can browse your computer for the required information


Icon - Open Folder - Indicates that the designated folder can be opened for viewing


Icon - linked - Indicates that T5 slips are linked to their associated RL-3 slips


Icon - unlinked - Indicates that T5 slips are not linked to their associated RL-3 slips


Icon - X - Used to clear data from a specific field


Jump Button - Indicates that the indicated field is linked to, or takes its data from, a field on another form