Partnership Forms (Standard & Enterprise Versions Only)




eForms Standard & Enterprise Only


How to Get Data into the Partnership Forms

There are three ways to get data into eForms partnership forms.

a.Convert last years eForms database
b.Import data from an Excel spreadsheet
c.Enter the data manually


Converting Partnership Data from a eForms Database

Converting partnership data from last years eForms database is virtually identical to the way you convert other data. The only difference is that you have the option to convert only companies with partnership data. This is useful if you have already converted your databases prior to the February 10, 2009 release which handled partnership forms.




Importing Partnership Data from Excel

Importing T5013 slips from an Excel spreadsheet is done in the same way as importing other slips. See the eForms User Manual for general instructions about importing data. For information about the names of the fields used as headers for T5013 slips, see Headings for T5013 for layout details.


You can import both identification information (names, addresses, etc.) as well as the amounts allocated to the partners for each box. If you import the allocated amounts, the totals will be automatically summed up to the summary and the boxes on the slips will all be overridden so that automatic allocation is suppressed.


If you prefer to enter the totals of the income and expenses on the summary and have eForms allocate the amounts to the partners, you can also do that. Simply do not enter the amounts in the spreadsheet. Then, after the import is complete, enter the total amounts on the summary, and select the method for calculating the partners share (See “Allocating Amounts from the Summary to the Slips” below).


The boxes in the “Other amounts and information” section of the slips cannot be imported.


Allocating Amounts from the Summary to the Slips

For partnerships where the income and expenses are allocated to the partners based on a percentage, eForms can automatically calculate the amounts for each partner.


Open the T5013 summary (Forms > Partnership-Federal > T5013 Setup & Summary Totals) and select one of the 3 options in the drop down list: "Select method by which partner's share  (%) of income and expenses will be determined."


The purpose of the allocation method is to determine how eForms calculates each partners share of the income and expenses entered on the summary. The methods are described below.



Partners share (%) based on

You must enter these fields


The partners income (or loss) divided by the sum of all partners income (or loss)

Each partners income (or loss) allocated


The percentage you enter on the slip

Total net accounting income
Each partners % share


The partners partnership units held divided by the sum of all partnership units

Total net accounting income
Each partners number of units


If you select “P” or “U”, you will need to enter the Total net accounting income to be allocated. If you select method “A”, the Total net accounting income will be disabled, but it will be adjusted as you enter the partners net income allocated on each slip.


Regardless of which method you choose to calculate the partners share, eForms will automatically allocate each income and expense item entered on the summary to each of the slips according to the percentage, unless the box is overridden on the slips (see “Overriding the Automatic Allocation” below).


Overriding the Automatic Allocation

Depending on the type of partnership, there may be amounts which cannot be allocated to the partners simply on the basis of a percentage. If this is the case, you will need to override the box and enter the amounts manually on each slip.


To do this, go to any one of the slips, click in the field you wish to override and press F4. The background color of the box will change to aqua and you will be able to enter the desired value in the box. Note that the field will be overridden on all slips for the company.


In the event that you want to override all boxes on the slips, use the “Change method” button at the top of the setup and summary screen to select the "ENTER/IMPORT" method of recording income and expense amounts on partner's slips.