Notice for those who file federal partnership forms (T5013)

Please read the following notice before installing the current release if you are running release 2006.3.6  (or earlier) of T4 TimeSaver. 

Releases 2006.3.7  and 2006.3.8 contain a significant update to the Federal Partnership forms.

Due to the extensive nature of the changes in the 2006 Federal Partnership forms, any numeric (dollar values) already entered for these forms cannot be converted to the new format. Basic company information, partnership identification, and information regarding the partnership members' names, partner type and shares held, etc. WILL be converted, but all dollar values can NOT be converted.  

If you have already entered updated 2006 numeric (dollar value) data for the partnership forms in the 2006 T4 TimeSaver, please note that this information will not be converted to the new format after this update is installed.   If you are running release 200.3.6 or earlier and install release 2006.3.7 or 2006.3.8, all dollar values already entered into the federal partnership forms will not be converted.   You can use the Zero Out Slips function in the Tools menu to clear out stray dollar values from the forms before entering current data

This release of T4 TimeSaver includes the following updates:

  1.  Data entry and printing for the T5013 Summary is complete

  2. Data entry and printing for the T5013 slip and T5013A slip are complete.

  3. Data entry and printing is available for the T5013 Schedule 50 (The old T5015).

  4. Data entry and printing is available for the T5013 Schedule 8 (The old T5014).

The following  forms are available as fillable PDFs:

T5013 SCH 1
T5013 SCH 10
T3013 SCH 100
T5013 SCH 141
T5013 SCH 125

The new CRA guide for filing the T5013 partnership form can be found at and copies of the various new forms can be found at The first few pages of the guide outline the major changes to the partnership form filing requirements.

If you have any questions about T4 TimeSaver and the preparation of the T5013 partnership forms then please send them to If you file partnership forms using T4 TimeSaver please send an email to this same address so we can have your email address on file for update notices.

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