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T4/T4A Window Envelopes

For Canadian T4, T4A, NR4, T4A-NR and T2202A SlipsT4/T4A Window Envelopes

If you prepare and distribute T4, T4A, NR4, T4A-NR or T2202A slips,  then you will need a specialized envelope to ensure that they can be securely mailed to the recipient.  

These envelopes are specially designed for distributing Canadian tax slips which are printed 2 per page.  They are 5.75 X 9 inches in size and feature a security pattern to protect the confidential information on the enclosed tax forms.  

These window envelopes can be purchased at our online store.  The cost of these envelopes is only $16.00 per package of 100 plus shipping.

You may also be interested in AvanTax Filing Services, which are designed to help you produce and file a wide variety of information slips required by Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec.  

AvanTax Filing Services provides you with everything required to file T4, T4A, T5 and many other Canadian information returns, as well as many Revenu Québec information returns.  Whether preparing slips for your own company or for hundreds of client companies, AvanTax Filing Services meets all of your reporting requirements.

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