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To allow us to file your return on time, please provide your data at least five business days ahead of its filing deadline.


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Technical Support

Feeling overwhelmed?Technical support for AvanTax Filing Services is included with your purchase.

We are committed to answering your questions promptly and courteously. We encourage you to contact us with any problem you've been struggling with for more than a few minutes and we'll help you resolve the problem.

While we try to answer each call immediately, we cannot guarantee that you will always reach our technical support staff. If you do get our voice-mail, please leave a detailed message and include your contact information; we will call you back as soon as we can.

Technical Support Contact Information

Toll-free: 800 268 3211 (Ext. 116)
Toronto & GTA: 416 495 1624 (Ext. 116)
Fax: 416 495 0044