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Relevé 24 (RL-24) - Childcare Expenses


RL-24 Slip - Relevé 24: Childcare Expenses<
AvanTax eForms Relevé 24 data entry screen

Any daycare center, boarding school, overnight camp, day camp or nursery school that provides childcare services giving entitlement to the tax credit for childcare expenses must file Relevé 24 slips.

You must file Relevé 24 slips if, in exchange for remuneration, you provided childcare services in Québec for which the tax credit for childcare expenses can be claimed. Such is the case, in particular, if you operated a daycare centre, a boarding school, an overnight camp, a day camp or a nursery school. If you provided home childcare, you (not the childcare centre and not the home childcare coordinating office) must file the Relevé 24 slips.

  • You are not required to issue an Relevé 24 slip for a calendar year to an individual who paid only the parental contribution of $7 per day during the year. The tax credit for childcare expenses cannot be claimed in respect of that contribution.
  • Since the 2006-2007 school year, it has been possible to claim the tax credit in respect of the reduced contribution of $14


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