AvanTax eForms Versions


AvanTax eForms is available in four Windows versions (Lite, Basic, Standard and Enterprise), providing a range of features that will satisfy the requirements of any firm; regardless of its size. Throughout this manual, features that are available only on specific versions of eForms will be appropriately noted. Forms available are dependant on the version of eForms that has been installed; refer to About eForms for a list of forms available in each version.


Refer to the eForms Comparison Chart for a full list of features present in each version of AvanTax eForms.


AvanTax eForms Lite

eForms Lite is our entry level package and has been designed for firms with smaller data processing requirements. Returns can be prepared for up to 5 companies, with a maximum of 25 slips of each type (T4, T4A, T5, RL-1 & RL-3) for each company.


AvanTax eForms Basic

eForms Basic is the ideal solution for your information return preparation needs; whether you produce returns for your own organization or for multiple client organizations. Unlimited in the number of returns that can be manually entered and processed, eForms Basic can be used to prepare returns for even the largest organizations with a minimum of fuss and bother.


AvanTax eForms Standard

Our most popular package, eForms Standard includes all the features of eForms Basic and offers greater flexibility by adding: batch electronic filing; multi-user networking; data import and partnership forms. eForms Standard is used by more firms across North America than any other eForms version.


AvanTax eForms Enterprise

eForms Enterprise is an enhanced version of eForms Standard and has been designed to meet the data entry, reporting and management needs of even the largest organizations. With enhanced reporting and forensic analysis capabilities, eForms Enterprise is THE tool of choice for professionals across Canada.


At any time during the 2012 tax season you can upgrade or downgrade to a eForms version that better meets your needs; you will be invoiced or refunded for any difference in cost; excluding shipping charges. Databases are fully interchangeable between eForms Basic,  Standard and Enterprise. If you are moving to or from eForms Lite, ELM's technicians can import the databases for you for a modest fee (if necessary).