Setup Menu




Setup Menu (Lite & Basic)



Setup Menu (Stamdard & Enterprise)


User Settings - Configures per-user settings for New Company Defaults, T4 Adjustment Defaults, Data Entry, Electronic Filing and other Options


User Administration (Standard & Enterprise) - Opens User Administration dialogue to create, modify or delete user accounts; manage database access restrictions; and create a default user template


Contribution Rates and Constants - Edit Contribution Rates and Constants used in CPP, QPP, PPIP & EI calculations & adjustments


File Locations - Displays the folders used by eForms for data, output & settings


Change Authorization Code - Used to enter a new or replacement Authorization Code


Change Your Password (Standard & Enterprise) - Changes the current user's password


Edit Setup Files - To be used with eForms technical support to directly edit System Settings, Paths and User Settings


Language - Used to select either English or French as the language of choice


Items that are greyed out are not available because: (i) The function is not supported by the installed eForms version; (ii) The function is not required by the current form; (iii) A database has not been opened or (iv) No data has been entered.