PDF File Options


Save PDF files

eForms will always create a PDF file when printing forms. The PDF file is deleted when the Print window is closed; if the Save PDF file option is selected, the PDF file will be saved. This is a system wide setting; the setting selected will be used by all users and for all reports. For eForms Standard or Enterprise, only the ADMIN user can change this option.


Note: When using Adobe Reader to print PDF reports for submission, you must turn off Adobe Reader's scaling options to ensure that the printed reports will meet CRA and RQ requirements. Failure to do so may result in your submission being unacceptable. Scaling is not a concern when using the Quick Print button.


Save in client folders

This option is only available when the Group output by option has been set to Company. Select this option if you wish PDF files to be saved in client folders. The folder path is set in the company record. If no folder has been configured for a company included in the print job, or if the folder is not accessible, you will be asked to provide a name for the folder location even if the Prompt for output folder option is not selected.


Separate PDFs for each copy number

Check this box to create a PDF file for each copy or company selected. Leave unchecked to create a single PDF file. The Separate PDFs for each copy number will be selected automatically if Save in Client folders has been selected.


Prompt for output folder

Check this box to have eForms prompt you for the location where PDF files will be saved. The folder will be saved when printing slips for a single company; the next time you print slips for this company, the prompt will display this location. You will be prompted for the output folder whether or not a folder has been entered in the company record.


Separate PDF file for each recipient (Copy 2-3) (Enterprise)

When E-Mailing Recipient Slips you can use this option to create a separate PDF file for each recipient. If this option is not selected then all recipient slips will be saved to a single PDF document.