These settings determine how net pay is displayed on T4 slips

In this section you can choose whether or not to display Net Pay and how Net Pay will be calculated for the current company. Uncheck the "Don't display net pay" option to display net pay; the default option is for Net Pay to not be displayed.


Net pay is calculated as one of the following:


Employment Income - Standard Deductions
Employment Income - Standard Deductions - Taxable Benefits


New Company Advanced


Standard deductions include: CPP/QPP, EI, PPIP/QPIP; federal and provincial income tax; pension plan contributions; charitable donations and union dues. Taxable benefits are calculated as the total of all boxes containing taxable benefits. Other deductions (if any) are entered manually on the Net Pay form (when Net Pay is being displayed).


Do not synchronize numerical information on T5/RL-3 slips associated with this company

With this box unchecked (the default) numeric data is synchronized between T5 & RL-3 pairs; if a dollar value is changed on a T5 slip, its corresponding value on the associated RL-3 slip will also be changed. If this box is checked, synchronization of numeric data will no longer take place; numeric data changed on a T5 slip will not cause changes on the associated RL-3 slip. Non-numeric data will always be synchronized. NOTE: eForms Standard or Enterprise users must log in as ADMIN and all T5 and RL-3 windows must be closed before applying this option.


If data has been changed while synchronization was disabled and synchronization is then enabled, numeric data will be synchronized as changes occur but existing differences between the T5 and the RL-3 slips (if any) will not be reconciled.