File Menu




File Menu (Lite, Basic & Standard)



File Menu (Enterprise)


Open Database - Opens an existing 2011 or 2012 eForms database (if you are opening a 2011 eForms database the Convert Databases dialogue will be displayed)


New Database - Creates a new eForms database


Close Database - Closes the currently open database.


Convert a 2011 Database - Opens the database conversion tool to convert a 2011 database.


Configure Database - Opens the Configure Database dialogue and allows the user to (de)select the returns to be included in the current database, deselecting unused returns can speed up various file operations.


Backup and Restore - Opens a sub-menu by which a database may be either backed up or restored.


Repair Database - Checks currently open database and repairs any damage.


Check Data Integrity - Checks integrity of currently open database.


Check Data Integrity of Relevé 1s - Checks integrity of Relevé 1 data in currently open database.


Repair User Database - Checks database storing user information (user name, session status & etc.) and repairs any damage.


Event Viewer (Enterprise) - Allows the system administrator to view data events of the system.


Print This Form / CTRL + P - Sends currently open form to the default printer.


Exit - Closes all open forms and dialogues and exit eForms.


The names of the most recently used databases appear at the bottom of the File menu. (The name of the current database appears beside eForms 2012 in eForms' title bar.)


Once eForms as been used to access one or more databases, a list of recently used databases will appear below the Exit menu item.


Items that are greyed out are not available because: (i) The function is not supported by the installed eForms version; (ii) The function is not required by the current form; (iii) A database has not been opened or (iv) No data has been entered.